About Us

The three words that best describe us: experience, expertise, excellence.

Lobos Studios was founded in September of 2010. Owner and CEO Steve Sobol felt that freelancing, working for himself, meant he'd have complete control over his work, from planning to development to product/website launch, from mobile apps to custom websites and more.

Our Goal

Every person on earth has a backstory.

So does every organization.

Our goal is to help you clarify and amplify your message, and to get that message out to the people who need to hear it. Why do you do what you do? How? When and where?

We work with you to gain an understanding of  your organization's backstory. Then, we help you share it.

Our Ideal Clients

Steve has worked with individuals and companies of different sizes, in a number of different industries. But there is a certain group he prefers to work with.

"My sweet spot is small- and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 employees," he says. "The one-on-one interaction with decision makers is helpful, both for them and for me. I like being a subject-matter expert, and being able to help guide a client through the journey from project conception to completion."

"I started working as a freelance web developer in 1998, before most of the world was even online. I have experience with several different programming languages, frameworks and development tools. My experience allows me to craft a solution that is exactly what you need, using the best tools for the job, because I am not limited to a small group of tools."

So, Why Us?

  • High-quality work
  • Explanations in plain English
  • We are your business partner; your success and profitability is extremely important to us

We work primarily with .NET, Java and PHP, as well as React and React Native

If you'd like to schedule a call, to find out how we can help you, call or email us.