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Work we've done for clients...

This is a carefully curated selection of websites we've worked on, with details about our mobile apps to follow, soon.

A. F. Widener


About the client: A. F. Widener is a writer and a blogger. On her blog, she focuses on mental illness, an important topic that is not discussed frequently enough.

About the website: This is a WordPress website, with a theme we created. It loads quickly and is visually attractive, and allows Ms. Widener's audience to read her message with a minimal amount of distraction.

Kayline Company


About the client: Founded in 1895, Kayline is a distributor of industrial cleaning chemicals and lamps.

About the website: is a custom-developed, database-backed web application. It allows Kayline customers to search for, and receive, information on the products sold by the company. It also allows customers to download Material Safety Data Sheets for the cleaning chemicals they sell. Updates to the database are done in-house by Kayline employees.

(Please note that the client requested that we not make the site responsive. It is designed to be viewed on computer screens, not on mobile devices, at their request.)

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